Author ...

... has an university degree in technical field (automation, image processing). Principally I consider this background to be an experience with a certain relentless methodology - how to explore the world and process the information - that stands above delusions and conspiracy theories. I appreciate doubt. In the same time I acknowledge that in the age of technical wonders, the technical minds tend to see the humans and societies in a simplified way: as the machines, with prescribed functionality, inputs, outputs – machines that can be mechanically mended – and I try not to give in to this view. Much of the mathematical, physical or technical knowledge can find imaginative applications – without raping of the reality with literality.

History, anthropology, sociology, politology, theology or gender studies are the subjects of my interest. I see this position as an added value in some sense (unlike routine memorizing, copying the labs or filling out the exam tests).

As a queer man I see all these areas of human research from a specific point of view that I do not deny, hide or suppress. I try to harvest it. I acknowledge that live through an experience that "normal" majority does not encounter – and therefore its version of history, religion, or other phenomena is burdened with an unconscious bias. I offer a unique and sometimes unorthodox grasp of the topics, which can enrich the self-contained majority. I do not wish to be another alpha-male that would reveal (yet another) Ultimate Complete Truth, but I try to offer and add a bit that is missing in the system, another piece in mosaic of human exploration.

As a "non-heterosexual" I have a tendency not to look at the world inquiring "who is right and who is wrong", "who is with us and who is with them", "are you for or against it". I aspire not to take sides. I do not see a research as a matter of "who wins and who loses" (from the position of power, thanks to tactics or strategy), nor do I see the sense of my efforts in making my camp to prevail. I prefer seeing and sensing of things from as many points of view as possible, not to judge or condemn. I do not believe in banal good or evil.

I am inspired by the concept of Tao - that I do not understand as a religion or teaching - but rather as a way to grasp the perceived reality. Working with it I develop my sensibility towards the opposites, paradoxes and contradictions. I search for the balance between material and immaterial needs, uplifting spirituality and deep care of the soul, practical and emotional aspects of life, liberal and conservative, progress and preserving, nostalgy and aspirations, innovative and proven, facts and narratives, faith and doubt, left-ist and right-wing mindsets, individual and communitarian, egotism and altruism, self-expression and listening, creativity and nutrition, meaningful and beautiful...

I seek stories. I feel an insufficient appreciation for the story-quality in an era, when we think and manipulate with anxiously divided categories, variously selected and ordered facts, functional components – whether we analyze the society, do business, or deal with interpersonal relationships. I try to revive a sense of adventure, of broadly-grasped erotic dimension in what we do, create, or participate in. My key terms are wholesomeness (finding as many perspectives as possible), meaning (what we do and why), imagination (ability to read beyond literal handbooks to life). I appreciate perceptiveness, playfulness and curiosity.

I believe that a meaningful contribution (into the collective knowledge) is possible particularly if a man follows his unique nature (not trying to be who he is not, who he should be according to someone else) in a positive (non-destructive, non-harming) way. Through employing his unique talents. Writing, ability to work with "shades" of words and expressions, searching for interconnection and imaginative associations – is a form of communication with the world close to my nature, as much as others cherish speaking, painting, music, dancing, or other techniques of expressions.