Who? Why? What for?

This web-site is a personal project where I look at life through queer window. I analyze concepts, situations and habits from in-between-er perspective. Observing, searching for as many points of view as possible, presenting them as the wholesome grasp of the topic (unlike taking sides) - with multiple layers, meanings and applications – is something that I consider intrinsic to me. I enjoy this free space to resist the contemporary fashion of short messages, opinion tweets, posts, fast-produced and fast-digested blurts and scraps of information - to engage random reader in a way that may be unusual, unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable at first sight.

Writing is a skill that I acknowledge and appreciate as it allows me to express freely, without stress of awkward social situations, fitting into individual attention spans, need to engage in competition for speaking time. Even if not considering myself Christian, I invoke biblical "letter" format and invite old-fashioned letter-exchange as a unique and important form of communication. I don’t consider writing less genuine than live talk – just because it lacks spontaneity. I value the time to formulate ideas as precise as possible, express exactly what I want say how I want to say it, experience the waiting quality until the letter arrives and reader digests it in his own time. I invite processing, ripening, editing – a slow communication as an equivalent of slow food.

The rainbow is perceived as a symbol of childhood (I value playfulness, curiosity, wonder), hope (ability to imagine better worlds, alongside the distopias) and diversity (multiple perspectives, layers, interconnection) I cherish complexity that has become out-fashioned word, a victim to mantras: "simple is beautiful", "make it simple", "good solutions are always simple". Nowadays, the rainbow connects with queerness (non-heterosexuality), which I try to harvest as a unique experience and perspective at life, a value that can be offered to the majority.

Rainbow Bridge was a proposed name – too daring one for its time - for a new bridge in town where I live. This way I try to reclaim it, invoke it into existence, dream of days that could be. A bridge connects - and I love finding unusual interconnections, taking mythopoetic look at reality, cultivating ability to work with metaphors, symbols, associations and other non-literal ways to read life. I seek interdisciplinary overlaps in science, find its common ground with spirituality, a shared ethics in different theological systems.

My keywords and perspectives come from, are inspired by, or just coincidentally find a mirror in concepts of Tao, archetypal/depth pyschology (Thomas Moore, James Hillman, Viktor E. Frankl), wicca and neo-paganism (Marion Weinstein), but also environmentalism (gaia theory, permaculture, natural building), science (information technologies, antropology (Will Roscoe, Frans de Waal, Daniel Everett)) and art (hundreds of books, thousands of movies). I deeply resonate with the identity of two-spirits and contemporary Radical Faeries (Harry Hay, James Broughton, Will Roscoe).

I try to stand between (and sometimes above) black and white, good or bad, lightness and darkness, right or left, social and individual, technology and ecology, conservative and liberal, materialist and spiritual, rational and emotional, observing and engaging, spirit and soul, sensual and ascetic, masculine and feminine, polarities in sex, kink and relationships in general. I embrace opposites, contradictions, paradoxes and sometimes even the irony of life.