Value system and added value

Despite the well-known fact that the specialization is a useful phenomenon, I try to search for that which is overlooked in this world divided into isolated categories and areas of expertise.

I do not find the simple to be beautiful. On the contrary, I search for the richness of shades and I see the meaning of nuances that are being lost in simplifications. The world is complex and I believe a human being has all the necessary capacity to accept that complexity, deal with it and live with the awareness of it.

I try to look beyond the clichés of self-contained societies in the Eastern Europe, to remind her when the human knowledge got futher from her incessantly repeated cultural relics. I search how she could catch up with the rest of the world while meaningfully use its experience and insight.

As many contemporary folks I feel a pull towards "something more" - an added value in life, be it a spirituality, art or some different way to care of one's soul. However, I do not wish to satisfy myself with smug esotheric ethusiasm and to ignore scientifically proven or rebuked facts. I guard my sense of doubt.

I am interested in the alternative approaches to life, however not condemning the mainstream by default, observing their inter-play. I try to find balance between eager curiosity and careful hesitation, innovation and sanity, progress and tradition.

I examine the human activity in the ecosystem that he is a part of and in the same I perceive him as an ecosystem of the organs and cells of the body. In the reflections of these similes, I seek the healthy balance between expression of the individuality and the needs of the whole.

I do not try to appeal as a "normal" person. I try to examine my "otherness" (inspired by the two-spirit roles and the contemporary identity of Radical Faeries) as my own treasure, to harvest it as a gift - through the conscious use of which I can contribute to the whole society.