Rules of the game, aspirations, vision

This website is old-fashioned ...

... in the times of blogs, tweets, brief and fast messaging, chatting ...
... when the conversations are not aspiring to uncover the complex truth, but they happen just as a theatrical clash of personalities, with intention to make impressions
... I rediscover writing in a form of letters that admit the subjective experience of their author
... that are rich in content and their scale requires certain patience, ability to listen, desire to hear the other one, to see her/him as (s)he is
... they do not bid the instantaneous reactions, default approval or absolute rejection
... instead of interruptions and takeovers, instead of responses to the scraps of information and to the premature conlusions, instead of battle for speaking time
... they set a rhythm in communication, with a requirement to hear the other one in the entirety of his sharing and responding to the wholesome statement
... they try to grasp the topic from different perspectives, at different levels, with various overlaps into the other topics
... not only inducing unshakeable opinions, building the camps of allies and foes, for the love of the fight
... they respresent a perspective digested through time, processed information set in a context
... they ask the reader to join in: to pause, to read till the end, to digest it, to think of the topic, to try to agree and disagree, to read again ...
... I hope they will inspire to search, to ask, to keep reconsidering