A life of paradoxes has led me to discover the faerie space. This new world helped me to come to terms with my unusual story around the opposites - by presenting its own rich set of contradictions. Faeries and Tao have become the overlapping terms for me. The following set of articles is a personal attempt to grasp that multi-layered phenomenon. Looking at faeries from the Tao perspective, exploring the intrinsic Tao of Faeries.

This work does not describe what faeries should be, but what faeries once were (intended to be), what faeries are to me, what they could be, fears where they might diverge into, frustrations (or hopes) of what they will never become.

Faeries (according to popular beliefs) dislike leaders, hierarchies and ideologies. In correspondence to this, the shared culture of heart circles (and beyond) discourages faeries from using "we" statements and prefers a focus on individual "I" experience. I try not to follow this advice as a mechanical rule (ideology) and reserve a right to use "we" as a feature of speech, a tool to ask "us" questions - not necessarily to insert "should(s)". "We" gather to create a community of individual "I(s)". Both aspects are present at the same time - which is just another aspect of a harmony of opposites.