underground, up in heavens, or between your feet and head

The archetypal writer can't fall asleep late in the night - or wakes up too early - if an idea, a story, an urge to speak up (or write down) commands him to do so. The world of mind reflects the world around, personal and public space co-create each other. These are the essentials of what stirs my world, my interpretation of the environment I live in, what unique and peculiar perspective I can offer to the big world in return, what moves me and what I believe moves the human universe. Crisis of the economy, crisis of the system, crisis of the values - returning to the good-old recipes and trying of the new paths. Almost everyone struggles with someone these days - conservatives versus liberals, idealists versus realists, socialist versus capitalists, real men with queer men, machists with feminists, ecoterorists with technocrats, visionaries with sceptics - mortal combat if possible. Fight or flight? How to escape the raging battles with pride, healthy and alive?

The bible of our parent's culture was written in letters. This is an experiment of cleaning the "archaic form" of communication from the experience with the rigid followers of the infalible truth. A letter as a word of soul, not a manual for life, not reciting of the God's dictate. This is an attempt for more personal conversation with a random reader spoilt by instant tweets and terrorized by "10 steps to better life" magazines. A letter respectfully waits for our mood, allows us to read in our own pace, gives us freedom not to respond immediately, to digest the message, it offers time to live life and collect material to reflect upon, does not force us to compete for an opportunity to speak our part, and thus it teaches us to listen. In the time of fast food, fast fashion and quick guides, this is a meal of slow reading.