Why? What for? Whom for? Does it pay off? Who cares anyways? And who are you to say that ...? These are questions that usually help us to avoid encountering anything scarily new. We leave it to the experts with titles before and after names - as if the rest of us have no gift to think, to ponder, to question, to weigh, to doubt - even no right to do so. Instead of observing different sides of things and evaluating the perspectives of looking at them, we buy professional and processed and commented semi-finished products - the News. The era dictates to communicate quickly, briefly, effectively, up to the point, in mass... The information acquired this way is not only simplified and incomplete, but often completely wrong. We can be characterized as "having no time". No time to read, to philosophize, to think. We must work, we must earn, we must feed ourselves and family. It's hard to challenge this stubborn pose of "realism". I admit that this site was created with a different intention. It is a work and territory of a saboteur. I offer an opportunity to shirk from "not possible" "cannot" "have no time". Whether the reader used to be a wag or a good pupil - this is a world beyond work, beyond family, beyond stress, beyond economy, beyond politics, beyond media, beyond opinions, beyond normal, beyond truth, beyond "I have to", beyond "I should" ... This is a bridge to my and maybe even your world beyond world.

The intention of Rainbow Bridge (Dúhový most) - personal and non-commercial site - is to offer some ideas accessible from various english (and other) language sources, for the slovak (or czech) readers. For now I plan only a few articles in english - with a special personal point of view, or my own handling of the topic - that I consider new or unspoken of in general. The english articles are being written more than seven years later since the work on the Slovak version has started and so they reflect further experience I have acquired over the time.

"The Rainbow Bridge" was one of the proposed names for the newest bridge across the Danube, opened in 2005. Instead, "Apollo bridge" was voted for in a public poll, a title borrowed from the antic sun God and also a long-time dead oil factory that used to stand in its place. The hope-evoking and maybe a bit uncomfortably ambiguous name was left behind. As a "good greenie" I recycled it for this project, that intends to bridge the distance between the sides divided by the ideological conflicts, dogged opinions and irreconcilable ways of life.

Chapters of the projects follow a story. One situation is one experience and one topic. Accomplishing the task, passing the obstacle that it represents makes us ready (armored) to deal with the following one. If you are up to go step by step start here.

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