Rainbow Bridge is a personal project, a continuous search for less obvious interconnections and reflections among my own subjective queer experience, depth psychology, mythology, spirituality, science of biology, anthropology, sociology, history, politics (in different scales), economics and ecology. This is an interdisciplinary and in the same time personal space, a playground for soul and a refuge for intellect. I grant myself an uncensored quest away from the tediously average thinking, phrases, clichés and fashionable imperatives of simplicity, brevity and instantaneity. I try to handle the perceived reality with respect and love for its complexity and in the same time freely and genuinely viewed through the soul, spirit and reason.

Contemporary rationalists as much as spiritualists often incline towards the handbooks for life. Instanteous, brief, practical. Expressed by the techno-phile voice: "Tell me how is it supposed to be, how is it correct, how is it normal, how should I think, how should I act." Here I attempt at the opposite - to offer the option to slow down, to think through, to be a philosopher, to search on one's own, to ask, to doubt. To look at the topics from a different perspective, from various sides, to seek a sensible center in between the extremes, to see the subject of inquiry in its complexity, to aim for a deep insight. Beyond simplified conlusions - yes/no, right/wrong, good/evil - to stop one step before the evaluation and leave a space for further exploration.

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Basic information on the project of Rainbow Bridge:
Who writes here? What qualifies him? (personal dimension of the project)
What are his aims? Why this way? (intention, challenge, vision)
What is the difference? What's the added value? (guidelines and values)

Current works:

Letters to Unicorns. Lost in the queer spaces - limiting and limited in their variety as the colors of the rainbow flag. Going beyond compliance, normalcy and consumerism.

A Box of Glitter. Basic infomation on a queer tribe of Radical Faeries, who embrace their difference as a gift, a potential to harvest for the benefit of wider community.

Soul's Keywords. A vocabulary of the world beyond reason, beyond linear logic, beyond give and get. What tickles, moves and feeds the incomprehensible source of life?

Letters to Europe. Torn between idealism and populism, liberalism and conservativism, democracy and strong leaders, hopes and fears, pull towards the East and the West.

What is alive must change. This website gets constantly rewritten and updated. I try to offer perspective that is matching my current image of the world, but acknowledge the path I have walked to get there and imminent change awaiting around the corner. Even if you find yourself in disagreement, you've just encountered a moment in my journey. Please take it with that understanding, reserve and humor. I do. I learn as well - and disagree with myself quite often. Contradictions are my world. I live with the process of constant revisiting of my opinions... rather than holding onto the fixed beliefs.

In the war of opinions, why would anyone write letters and stories?

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