Imagination of Kinky Soul


Conversations with soul, dressed up in holy fetishes

"It offends some, fascinates others, and turns on quite a few. I believe there's a largely unexplored region in the human psyche, something Jung called "the Shadow," that many of us are reluctant to face. It isn’t pretty, but it must be examined at if we’re to gain control over it. Until we do, it exerts its influence in secret, which can lead to real-life violence of all kinds."

- Greasetank on darkness

Kink in public sphere

Most of the following articles were written for my tumblr blog - before tumblr decided to follow the path of profits in the illiberal, moralist and god-prefers-families-with-children corners of this world. A platform where vanilla and kinky folks used to meet, innocent and perverse have cross-inspired each-other, photographers and random (re)bloggers shared their impressions, nature lovers and naturists intermingled, straights and queers coexisted - connected by inner passion, mostly also self-acceptance and quite often even mutual live-and-let-live respect. A space where visual perceptions and thoughts on individual experience of life met in synergy.

"Perhaps my art represents all that is base in the human spirit. I don't know, but I do know one thing—you don't come to the light by suppressing the darkness. Everything must eventually be uncovered and revealed for what it is, and therein lies the real danger of censorship. It stifles our spiritual growth."

- Greasetank on censorship

Tao of Kink

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